About Nanna Jean

Most of use have a gradual increase to our waistline over the years and the only thing dieting accomplished was to make me miserable. So lets look at our diet cut out sugar and add coconut oil, take notice of whats in the product we buy. Get our energy back and stop worrying about weight and dieting, when we feel well our weight will sort itself out. I am a 50+ female whose Doctors keep  giving me different medication and I want to see if I can heal myself by taking control of my diet.

Looking for answers

I had spent a lot of year learning and working in the alternative health area and over the last eight years life got in the way and I left most of what I learnt behind. I have been working at coaching other to take back control of their lives and in the mean time lost control of my own.

Over the last few months i have searched the web to update my knowledge in the area of nature health. I started with sugar and the most surprising thing I found is that natural fats such as olive oil, butter and coconut oil are good for you as they slowly turn into energy and sugar is bad for you as it turns into fat, so all the low fat product that take out the fat and replace it with sugar are doing us more harm than good. So the way our mothers cooked was the way it should be done no more playing with our food, so let’s keep it as nature intended and reap the rewards

Always check with your healthcare professionals before taking any action that could affect your health.


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