Mum’s Piklets

With jam and cream or fresh fruit and yogur


1 cup all purpose flour..

2 teaspoons of baking soda

Pinch Salt.

1 tablespoon of sweetener (your choice).

1 egg.

3/4 cup of milk (your choice what type).

2 tablespoons yogurt or coconut cream.


Add the Flour, baking soda and the Salt to bowl, mix dry ingredients with a fork to air-rate. Beat the egg well with milk it should make a full cup. add yogurt/cream and sweetener, and beat well. Pour wet ingredients into dry ingrediece and mix until there are no lumps in batter.

Heat a griddle or non stick frypan to medium heat. Brush the pan with a little melted coconut oil or coat with cooking spray. Drop batter from a tablespoon on to the hot pan. Pikelets should be about 3ins or 6cm across. Flip when bubbles appear on the surface, and cook until golden browned on both other side, about 2min per side.

Makes about 12

Note: you can serve with fresh berrys and yogurt or with jam and cream, enjoy